U.S. Steel Tower

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Harrison & Abramovitz
Downtown Pittsburgh


600 Grant Street
United States
40° 26' 28.9032" N, 79° 59' 40.9812" W

U.S. Steel Tower, also known as the Steel Building (formerly USX Tower), is the tallest skyscraper in Pittsburgh, the fourth tallest building in Pennsylvania, and the 37th tallest in the United States. Completed in 1970, the tower has 64 floors to 841 ft (256 m) and has 2,300,000 sq ft (210,000 m2) of leasable space.
The U.S. Steel Tower is architecturally noted for its triangular shape with indented corners. The building also made history by being the first to use liquid-filled fireproofed columns. U.S. Steel deliberately placed the massive steel columns on the exterior of the building to showcase a new product called Cor-ten steel. 

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U.S. Steel Tower
U.S. Steel Tower
U.S. Steel Tower


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