Hillman Library, UPitt

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Celli-Flynn and Associates; Kuhn, Newcomer & Valentour; Max Abramovitz
Established on January 8, 1968
East – Oakland


Oakl.and, Pitt, 3960 Forbes Avenue
United States
40° 26' 33.108" N, 79° 57' 14.8284" W

Hillman Library was built on land that had bordered Forbes Field and was donated in the 1950s to Pitt by coal magnate John H. Hillman, Jr. When Forbes Field was razed in 1971, three other buildings were planned as a cluster for the site: Wesley W. Posvar Hall, David L. Lawrence Hall, and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  Construction of Hillman Library, led by Celli-Flynn and Associates, coordinating architect, and Kuhn, Newcomer & Valentour, began in June 1965. Constructed with Indiana Limestone,[5] Hillman opened on January 8, 1968 and was dedicated September 6, 1968. It is named for John H. Hillman, Jr. Both the Hillman family and the Hillman Foundation gave millions toward its construction. Max Abramovitz designed the oriel windows which were placed at a bay window angle in order to be inconspicuous on the plane surface of the outer wall while still providing light.[1]. With five floors, seating for 1,539 students, and holding 1.9 million volumes, Hillman is the largest of the 17 libraries on the Pitt campus. In 1996, architect Celli-Flynn and Associates and Kuhn, Newcomer & Valentour won the Timeless Award for Enduring Design from the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Institute of Architects for its design of Hillman Library.

Hillman Library, UPitt
A pair of Virgil Cantini tapestries can be seen hanging on the wall to the left
It houses the Eduardo Lozano Latin American Collection


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